Precious Life Lessons My Mother Had Taught Me (video series)

My mom is a wonderful mother who taught me many life lessons and made me into the person I am today. I wanted to do a series of short videos that share on different life lessons I have learned that remain precious in my heart. Even though my mom has end stage Alzheimer’s, I am still learning so much from taking care of her.

If you are caring for your loved one, take sometime to reflect on their life story and the precious lessons you have learned from them. Even though the memories may not be always be sweet, there is no point mulling over the past because it would make us bitter and unhappy.

It is my sincere hope that perhaps one or two of these lessons may resonate with you. What she taught, she had also practiced in throughout her life and it is not merely theory.

I would be doing these videos in stages which I would update in the playlist called Life Lessons Learned from My Mom that is found in my Youtube channel- do refer to the playlist as I may not be able to update newly published videos immediately in this blog.

Playlist: Life Lessons Learned from My Mom

Abuse and Hunger Made My Mom Develop Empathy instead of Bitterness

My mom had a very tough childhood. While logically it should make a person angry and bitter, it gave my mom empathy and compassion and brought up the generosity in her heart…. to give to others what she never had the chance to have as a child.

Keeping Grudges can Rob the Happiest part of Our Life

My mom was sold by her own mother to a servant family when she was just a few months old. The servant eventually chose to reunite my mom with her birth family to make sure my mom would not be alone after she (the servant) pass away. By not bearing any grudges, my mother formed a close relationship and bond with her sisters which provided us with a lot of happiness, laughter and overcoming problems together. Had my mother been angry, we would not have that precious moments with her sisters.

Giving Up Opportunities for the sake of family | Sacrifice with Reward in the End

My mother, along when many young mothers who were nurses that time, had chosen to give up promotions and job opportunities in order to be able to spend time to raise their children. Because taking promotions would mean that they had to be transferred for at least a few years often to another state.

Learn to Eat Spicy Food is a Survival Skill 


You can learn how to eat spicy food by starting with small portions bit by bit. With practice, you would be able to tolerate spicy food. My mom taught me how to eat spicy food when I was 9 years old as she said the ability to eat spicy food is a survival skill. It turned out to be very true as I am always in communities where the food is hot and spicy.

Years ago, my mom shared with me the true story of a patient where she had a strong gut feeling but she could not go through with it. Often in the medical profession, one has to follow protocols and standard treatment procedures. If not, then staff are opened to possible legal action and could even lose their job.

A baby’s toothless grin melt mommy’s tiredness away 

My mom told me that no matter how tired she felt, when she saw my toothless grin as a toddler, she felt her tiredness melt away. The role is now reversed and I finally understood what she meant.

More videos coming out soon

More videos would be out in stages. I plan to do a minimum of at least 7 of these videos in memory of a total of 7 sisters, my mom with her 6 other older sisters who have brought so much of joy and happiness in my life.

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