I have been a full time caregiver for my mother since May 2017. I resigned from my corporate job after my mother got acute hepatitis B, with her body swelling due to ascites and jaundice. With nutrition, care and companionship, her condition gradually improved. However, symptoms of her Alzheimer’s were getting progressively worse.

In June 2021, my mother was hospitalized in ICU and warded due to severe dehydration and malnourishment as the result of dysphagia, inability to swallow. She did not display any outward symptoms of distress. She has been placed in nasogastric tube feeding ever since by doctors from Thai hospital. The procedure save her life, restored her energy and give her better quality of life.

Information in this blog:

The information offered here is based on my experience as a full time caregiver for my mother who have end stage Alzheimer’s, chronic Hepatitis B, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. 22  years ago, my mother also have tonsil cancer, and underwent a neck operation, followed by radiotherapy. I also took care of her during that duration.

My mom was a formal retired nurse who worked in the hospital for more than 25 years, along with her friends who are senior nurses and sisters. I learned a lot through her friends who were top class nurses during their time. For my mom’s current Alzheimer’s condition, the healthcare system in Thailand (we are staying in Thailand now), compromising of doctors, nurses and education videos (published by Thai hospitals but in Thai language) have been invaluable for me to learn more information. In Thailand, it goes against the grain to deny a person of food. It is common to see people of any ages who would be placed on nasogastric tube feeding (permanently or temporary) if the nutrition they are taking orally is insufficient. Many hospitals in Thailand have their own YouTube channels were doctors and nurses share knowledge of how to care for someone.

It is my aim to bring the teachings of the compassionate Thai healthcare system to the English speaking world. I totally understand the struggles of being a caregiver and I hope the articles and videos that I plan to do would be of benefit to you.

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Previously, I have written a number of articles as well as publish videos in my YouTube channel. There are 2 related playlists in my channel that is related to the topics covered in this blog:


Starting this blog

In March 2022, I decided to move articles related to caregiving, Alzheimer’s/dementia and tube feeding to this new site as the main site already contained too many topics.

In this blog, I would be writing more about my experience in caring for my mother as well as information that may be useful for other caregivers.

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Thank you and have a good day.

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