Inner freedom as a caregiver

In 2017, I left my corporate career at its peak to become my mom’s full time caregiver. That time she had acute liver cirrhosis where she was all yellow due to jaundice and her abdomen/ ankles were swelling due to ascites. She was also forgetful (cannot remember if she had eaten or not), which were early signs of Alzheimers. With care, nutrition and medication, she gradually recovered from her liver condition but it was obvious that she was not longer able to look after herself. In 2021, her Alzheimer’s had progressed to the stage where she could no longer swallow. She was placed on tube feeding and was bedridden.


In the video, I shared on my journey, coming from a perspective of someone who valued freedom…. to now not able to go anywhere for more than 2 years because my mom requires specialized care. At first it was tough but eventually I discovered the joy…. and surprisingly inner freedom that comes from caregiving that I would share in this video.

It has been more than 6 years now….I’ve no regrets.

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