Lullaby for my mom (who have Alzheimers)

I first hear this lullaby or nursery rhyme from the show “The Big Bang Theory”:
Soft Kitty Warm Kitty
Little Ball of Fur
Happy Kitty Sleepy Kitty
Purr purr purr

When I looked up the song, I find this sound to be really warm and beautiful. I would sometimes sing this song for my mom to lull her to sleep and help her to relax. Often, I would change the word “kitty” with “baby”.

At this stage of Alzheimer’s (advanced stage, almost 3 years on tube feeding), my mom’s mind has regressed to one of a baby. A happy and carefree baby who would be contended with sleep, food and love. They react based on the feeling that the people around give to them. Sometimes when they have hallucinations or looked as if in a state of confusion, stroking their hair and singing loving lullaby like this would soothe and relax them.

Maybe to many this may be strange at first…. but for me, I have been caring for my mom for the past 7 years, with more than 2 years of her not able to recognize me anymore due to Alzheimers. It was at first hard for me to accept as my mom was my best friend and my pillar of strength. With time, I realized that it is time for me to start learning to be her pillar of strength. Now, she is like a baby who I love with all my heart.

Other short songs for passive physio exercises:

Aside from this, there are also short nursery rhymes that I use when I do passive exercises for my mom. As my mom is bedridden (technically she can move her limbs and sit up but she prefer to lie down passively on the bed the whole day)…… I need to do passive exercises to move her limbs a few times each day to prevent her joints from stiffening. If we do not exercise a bedridden person, their body and joints would stiffen and they would eventually turned into like a fetal position. It would be then painful for them when we try to move them. By doing simple passive exercises for them, we help to keep their joints nimble, get some blood flow.

I have done quite a few Shorts which I would rotate to use when I do exercises for her arms, legs and also light spinal movement exercises for her back. Most of them are between 50- 59seconds long which I would rotate when doing these exercises. I find with cheerful songs or nursery rhymes, they would relax and it makes it easier for us when we are performing these exercises for them.

Cheeky and cheerful songs for children:

I’ve created all the Shorts below but the audio is based on songs that we are allowed to use. I’ve really enjoyed creating these shorts as I am able to time them nicely, and expanding some creative muscle in me.

Carebear theme song:


12 months nursery rhyme:


Chinese New Year Dragon song:

Doris Day (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps):


Faster paced songs using songs from my favourite composer, Sir Andrew Lyodd Webber in Starlight Express:

Pumping Iron:


I have Chinese songs, songs that my mom had heard in the past:

Journey to the West 1996 song– the Chinese drama series always bring back memories as we have watched this show together as a family, during the time when my late dad was still alive:

Emil Chau song which is uplifting:


I hope this may give you an idea about using cheerful music for the loved ones who you are caring for.

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