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The following quotes are drawn based on my own experience.  The page would be updated from time to time:

April 2024:

The best thing I’ve done in my life:

Giving up a successful job, drastically cutting down on my expenses and life as simply as possible….. despite losing the comforts that I was accustomed to, it is now coming to 7 years since I become a full time caregiver. It is one of the most meaningful path and role that I’ve undertaken in my life.  More in this blog post.

A lonely journey but full of meaning

Caregiving can be a lonely journey as people may start ghosting us due to change in life path and direction. Or that our new role no longer served their purpose.  View this YouTube Shorts that I’ve done on this topic.

Dealing with Criticism 

Only someone who have truly been in our shoes would understand the struggles and how we feel. But most people can be quick to offer judgement, criticism and unsolicited advice. In the past, I used to be criticized by some people, giving ‘suggestions’ in how I could do my job better.  However when they land in similar shoes, they were not capable of doing a fraction of what I was willing to do. Hence, now when I receive suggestions, I would give it a thought, and I no longer take criticism personally. Read more from this blog post.

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